General rental conditions




The reservation of a holiday home, with the “Pavillons du Rooy” implies the unreserved acceptance of the following general terms and conditions, which the customer acknowledges to have fully understood, as well as the conditions specific to the seasonal rental included in the contract. The rental cannot be extended without the prior agreement of the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy”, the lessee accepting it thus.

The latter declares on his honor that the apartment covered by this contract is only rented to him as a holiday residence, a major condition without which this rental could not have been granted to him.

Upon receipt of the reservation request, the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” sends the final contract to the client who accepts it by returning a dated and signed copy, accompanied by the amount of the application fee and the deposit.

For any validation of registration the signed contract must be accompanied by a payment including:

• a booking fee of 15 € per booking for stays of 5 nights or more, 10 € per booking for stays of 4 nights and less) free for 3 weeks;
• the deposit corresponding to 25% of the total price of your stay.

On the date of the receipt of the payment of the application fees and the deposit you have a faculty of 3 days.

In case you use it, the amount of the deposited deposit will be returned to you, the expenses of file will be acquired the “Pavillons du Rooy”.

In the event of a reservation made directly in the offices of “Pavillons du Rooy”, the contract is immediately established, signed and accepted by both parties.

In the case of a telephone reservation, payment must be made within three (3) working days by check or transfer to be registered. The full price of your rental is due 30 days before the start of your stay or immediately for last minute bookings (less than 8 days before the start of your stay).

Payments made by foreign persons are made only by bank card type blue card.

In the case of a reservation via our website the payment is made by bank card type blue card.

The lessee, having paid a deposit on the total amount of the rental, undertakes to take possession of the premises at the date of making available stipulated by the contract and to pay on the same day the balance of the rental price , whatever may happen: illness, accident or unexpected event. In the event that these conditions are not fulfilled, the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” will be entitled to immediately re-let the apartment subject to this contract. However, the lessee will remain liable for the payment of the balance of the rent. If the apartment could be re-rented, only the amount equivalent to the damage suffered by the “Pavillons du Rooy” would remain the responsibility of the tenant failing.

In any event, the deposit on the rent paid will remain vested as a minimum indemnity, except in the case of insurance coverage.

The accommodation is furnished with furniture, bedding, two blankets, crockery and kitchen and household utensils (inventory list is to check on arrival) all in a clean and up-to-date condition.

Payments are to be sent to the following address:
The “Pavillons du Rooy” – Avenue Gabriel Graner – 64270 SALIES de BÉARN – FRANCE.
All our apartments are open to rent subject to availability.

Article 2 – PRICES

Our prices include all taxes and include the provision of the accommodation (charges included: water and electricity, excluding heating and air conditioning), to which must be added:
– the booking fees, payable at the time of booking;
– the tourist tax, payable on the day of arrival according to the length of stay;
– possible rental of household linen (sheets, towels …);
– the package (s) for pets;
– and any other services offered on site according to the additional rates attached.

We would like to remind you that, for a certain number of occupants, there is no possibility of renting more than one person.

Article 3 – LIVING TAX

The tourist tax, collected on behalf of the municipality, is not included in our rates.
She is acquitted the day of your arrival.


The management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” are entitled to consider any request for modification before the beginning of the stay as a cancellation, unless it is possible for it to comply with the request for modification considered.
In case of cancellation, the sums due will be applicable according to the scale below.

Any stay begun and interrupted cannot give rise to a refund.

In case of cancellation the amount of the deposit, the administration fees are abandoned in favor of the Pavillons du Rooy.

Depending on the dates of cancellation within 60 days before the arrival date, the customer is liable for the amounts applied to the following rates:
• between 60 and 30 days before arrival: 35% *
• between 30 and 15 days before arrival: 45% *
• between 14 and 8 days before your arrival: 70% *
• 7 days or less before arrival: 100% *

* of the total amount of the accommodation


The keys are handed over at 16:00 on the day of your arrival. These keys will be returned before 10:00 am on the day * of your departure. For short stays, the keys are handed over from 14.00 on the day of arrival and must be returned before 12.00 on the day of departure.

* Saturday in the majority of cases.

If after a major impediment you cannot arrive on time, it is essential to notify the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” in order to obtain in some cases the access codes. The reception will arrange with you so that you can find the keys of your apartment when you arrive.


A deposit of 150 € (flat Type T2) and 200 € (apartment type T3) is deposited at the delivery of the keys to respond to the damage that could be caused to the rented goods and to movable or other objects garnishing the rented premises. It will also be able to compensate for the various additional charges and consumptions.

In no event shall this guarantee be considered as an advance payment of rent and shall not be interest-bearing.

It will be returned to you at the end of the stay if no anomalies are found in the apartment, whether the apartment is cleaned, keys are returned and after payment of any additional services (heating, air conditioning, in case of extension of stay, etc.).

This amount may be refunded within a maximum of one month, minus any damage, if the tenant leaves the premises outside working hours.

If the bond is insufficient, the lessee undertakes to improve the amount.

The fact that the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” collects and retains the amount of this bond, the tenant cannot in any way be held responsible for the damage and expenses generated by it.

Article 7 ANIMALS

Pets are accepted upon presentation of an anti-rabies certificate, subject to the following packages, payable on the day of arrival

– for a stay of 7 nights and more: 25 € per week and per animal;
– for a stay of less than 7 nights: 4 € per animal and per night
In order to facilitate your holiday stay, an internal regulation is displayed in each apartment.
We thank you for reading and respecting it.
Certain precautions can avoid a possible inconvenience:
– close your windows before leaving your apartment;
– Close your door.

We remind you that forgetting personal belongings inside your apartment during the release of the premises cannot engage the responsibility of the “Pavillons du Rooy”.

A premature departure cannot give rise to any refund.

If the circumstances require us to do so, and only in cases of force majeure beyond our control, the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” may be obliged to modify the programs in whole or in part, a common equipment: example swimming pool, …).


We would like to bring to your attention the fact that renting in a tourist residence is not part of the responsibility of hoteliers. Consequently, the “Pavillons du Rooy” cannot be held liable in the event of loss, theft or degradation of personal effects in our residence, whether in apartments or in common premises or in car parks.

The swimming pool is in unguarded free access.

Its use by the tenants of the “Pavillons du Rooy” are their sole responsibility.

The apartments are “non smoking”. In case of non-compliance and in the case of residual odors this will be deodorized by specialized company at the expense of the tenant.
The inventory of all the objects contained in the places will be given to the tenant on the day of entry into use.
He will be required to verify it, to bring it back to the office of the “Pavillons du Rooy” the next day at the latest, with his observations. After this period, it will be considered compliant.
Furniture and movable objects shall suffer only from depreciation arising from the normal use for which they are intended. Those who, at the expiration of this agreement, are missing or have been taken out of service for any reason other than normal wear and tear, shall be paid or replaced by the tenant, with the consent of the management. This clause also applies to papers, draperies and the building in general.
The tenant will be obliged, before the exit inventory is made, to return the furniture and movable objects to the place they occupied at the time of its entry.
The lessee must absolutely refrain from throwing objects of a nature to obstruct the pipes or he will be liable for the expenses incurred for the restoration of the pipes. In view of the difficulties encountered in obtaining the intervention of personnel or a specialized company, the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” declines any responsibility for any delay in carrying out the necessary repairs.
The rented apartment must under no circumstances be occupied by a number of persons greater than that indicated in the special conditions, unless prior agreement has been reached. In this case, the management of the “Villas du Rooy” will be able to claim a rent supplement or refuse to enter the apartment.
The tenant will not be able to introduce into the leased premises any animal, except with the authorization of the management of
Tenants will comply, as occupants of the premises, with the internal rules of the residence.
The tenant must, within two days of taking possession, inform the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” of any discrepancy noted. This period is reduced to 24 hours for rentals lasting less than three (3) days.
Under no circumstances will the tenant be able to rent or transfer his rights to this agreement without the express consent of the “Pavillons du Rooy” management.
He will have to live as a good father of the rented apartment and under no circumstances can he store other furniture, except for linen and small objects.
Interruptions in operation (heating, hot water) and utilities (water, EDF, gas, etc.) do not justify a reduction in rent or damages if they are for less than 24 hours and they are not due to an act of will of the lessor. In the event of a breakdown of more than 24 hours, the “Pavillons du Rooy” will offer the customer an equivalent or higher rental without additional charge.
If the client refuses the change, the stay will be canceled and the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” will refund the amount of stay still to be made.
If the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” is unable to offer an alternative, the client will receive the entire stay as a fixed compensation, the stay will be canceled.
In the event of loss of keys, the management of the “Pavillons du Rooy” may require the replacement of the locks of the dwelling, fix the cost of any intervention by a specialist, and the corresponding amount can be deducted from the deposit.
No key delivery can be made outside working hours, except with prior agreement and special authorization from the “Pavillons du Rooy” management.

SARL The Pavillons du Rooy
SARL with capital of 15 000 €,
Headquarters: Boulevard Saint Guily Avenue Graner – 64270 SALIES DE BEARN FRANCE,
Identified in the commercial register of PAU on 21/04/2006 under the number 489 660 274.